A novel for Monument Builders


Was Stonehbetondefgodsmallenge built for a practical purpose, or was it a monument – a product of human pride?

And was the M4 motorway built for a practical purpose, or was it also a monument – a product of human pride?

What will people think of the sinuous earthworks that stretch mysteriously across this island from East to West in 4000 years time? Will people reverentially process along it in the solstices? Will there be wild speculation about the recurrence of the sign of FOUR? Or will they think us primitive and misguided?

In 1969, young Tom Edwards joins the team building a motorway: the M4. Unknown to him, his exploits are being shadowed by the character who, 4329 years earlier, erected the linteled circle at Stonehenge. Although these two cannot directly communicate, they have a shared language in geometry, and they are helped by metaphysical entity that bestows upon them both a common appreciation of the mystical concept of ‘straightness’ – which is quite handy in geometry.

They physically bump into one another when one of Tom’s giant earthmovers accidentally digs up the remains of the ancient Stonehenge engineer. His skeleton is holding a bronze disc bearing sixty markings. The significance can only be understood by his chosen descendant, he claims.









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